Frequently Asked Questions

Nope, no setup fees here. Feel free to dive in hassle-free.

Click is a value-based pricing model and as you increase active members in your account, the pricing goes down. Also, there’s no cost to add your Transaction Coordinators, Assistants or Staff). Check out our full pricing guide here.

No strings attached. You’re free to cancel anytime, and we won’t lock you into any contracts. Your satisfaction and flexibility are our priorities. Experience the platform you’ll NEVER need to cancel.

Yes, we provide personalized 1:1 coaching for you or your team. Our goal is to ensure you fully leverage all the fantastic time-saving features in our app. Reach out to your sale representative to get a training set-up.

The process is easy. You can either get started on your free trial today or request a demo by emailing

Sure does. We are connected with NorthStarMLS. If you have an association you are interested in us partnering let us know.

Yes, we do! It is $10/month. Reach out to sales to sign up.

In the user agreement, we go over that in deep detail. Your contacts are safe and secure. We have the Amazon Web Services security features built out and our database is all serverless, meaning no back-office servers and multiple layers of backup on the Amazon system. We also have privacy gating in the app so no data can be seen by anyone that shouldn’t see it. The goal is to protect your files and your contacts.

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