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Click Contracts is the most efficient contract writing software built for real estate agents, by real estate agents. Enjoy the ease of writing representation agreements, contracts and more with our easy offer writing app. When you Click “DONE”, you will instantly have the documents complete with the signatures, dates and initials ready for you and your clients to sign electronically! Save time and elevate your business to the next level with the Click Contracts App.

Save time with our software
for your everyday real estate contracts.

Save time with our software for your everyday real estate contracts.

Pull up the Click Contracts app on your phone and select the contract you need to complete, fill out the form, click “done” and it will send the contract directly to you for review right into your email inbox. The email will include the completed contract signed by you. Just click “Approve” to send off to client(s) directly for signatures. No more logging into multiple softwares or hours of your time spent on filling out contracts with Click Contracts.

Our Mission

Why We Started Click Contracts

Click Contracts was founded with a single goal: make real estate agents more effective and efficient when writing offers and contracts through our app. We have transformed the way real estate agents and teams run their business through our easy contract offer writer app - simply send contracts to clients with a few simple clicks. Click Contracts gives real estate agents and real estate teams a solution to bring their business to a new level!

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Why Click Contracts?

Created For High Performing Real Estate Agents to Win with a Click!


The App includes mobile and desktop versions that are easy and instinctive to use!


The first app designed to quickly create and write representation agreements, offers, counters and more start to finish in one single software, including e-signatures!


The easy-to-use app on mobile and desktop consolidates all your offers and contracts key terms into a simple, professional email in your inbox!


Contracts and documents have never been easier or faster to create, fill in and complete with just a Click!

Meet The Owners: Our Story

Kerby Skurat


Cristina Edelstein


If you’re ready to elevate your business and maximize your time by making offer writing an integrated, instant experience, reach out today to learn more.

“Don’t spend another day wasting time writing your offers or paying someone to do it. Put the speed and ease of Click Contracts behind you to power your sales to the next level while regaining valuable time and quality of life!” Kerby Skurat CEO|Click Contracts

The Owners!

Kerby Skurat


Cristina Edelstein


We are launching in Minnesota! Wisconsin and Illinois to follow, then expanding nationwide soon! Reach out to be the first in your marketplace!

Let us help you run a more efficient and effective business with our app Click Contracts!

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“The ONLY way to make great decisions is with GREAT data. Click gets you the data and reports you need to make GREAT decisions. It's a no brainer to work with Click!”

Kerby Skurat

CEO | Click Reports

Kerby Skurat

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We’ve been there and started from zero and are now running two businesses doing a combined $20,000,000 in reveunue annually.

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The husband and wife team of Kerby & Cristina Real Estate Experts of RE/MAX Results have built a business from the ground up. They have created one of the most premier real estate teams in the Twin Cities, being recognized consistently as the #1 RE/MAX Results Team in Minnesota. Through selling 6,000+ homes, they realized one of the biggest timesucks for their team of agents was writing offers and contracts fast and effectively. They started with hiring more administrative support to assist in writing the contracts, and also found themselves paying higher and higher fees to electronic signature companies.

Kerby developed the first app that allows their agents to easily write their contracts from anywhere with a few clicks from their phone or computer. Having seen the power of this app help their team elevate to 700+ homes sales a year while having happier, more productive agents, they knew they had built something special. Writing multiple offers for buyers in any market was a breeze for their agents using the Click Contracts App, while other agents struggled, being bogged down with trying to write offers between showings and trying to hit multiple offer deadlines. Kerby & Cristina’s agents efficiently wrote offers, making it easy for their clients to instantly sign (sometimes while still at the showing) and submitted their offers with such ease that it was a huge competitive advantage! Kerby & Cristina care about helping others thrive, and that’s why they are offering their app to the market - so all high producing agents and teams can experience the same ease of writing contracts and offers with just a click!